Isn't CrossFit only for people who are already in shape?

NO! Due to a wonderful thing called “scalability”, we can modify and tweak any workout to make sure it is a perfect fit for your fitness level- no matter if you are a Great Grandmother or an NFL Running Back.

Isn't CrossFit hard?

Effort=results. If you want to improve your fitness without putting forth any effort, chances are you will not see any results. If you want to make real, measurable, changes to your life- you will need to put forth the effort. That being said, we make working out fun and exciting. No more running on the treadmill for an hour while reading Harry Potter (even though those books DO get exciting). This is real fitness for people who are ready to put forth real effort!

Isn't it too expensive?

Each time you walk into our gym for a class, you are taken through a warm-up, workout, and cool-down by a professionally trained CFL1 Trainer in a small-group setting. Many small-group personal training facilities charge in excess of $50 AN HOUR. Not to mention, we are writing the program for you! No more walking into a gym and having no idea where to start. We teach, coach, and encourage our members through every single workout.

Can you get hurt doing CrossFit?

You can get hurt in basically everything you do. Sitting in a chair, climbing stairs, driving, throwing a baseball, etc. CrossFit is no different. Although there are inherit risks to any type of physical movement, your safety is our #1 concern. We stress the importance of proper form, and make sure that we have you moving safely and effectively in every single class you attend.

I'm a lady, will I get bulky?

NO. Women bodybuilders do bodybuilding workouts. CrossFit is not bodybuilding. If you want to lean out and achieve more athletic muscle definition, then CrossFit will certainly help. Please refer to the two articles below!

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